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About Cicero

Cicero is a new blockchain asset, created for two specific purposes. To reward investors with an asset over which they gain significant power from June 15th once we destroy all unsold tokens and begin the "buy back and burn" phase of this project. And to send large and growing donations to the humanitarian organisation "Help Refugees" who help to fund and support over 80 humanitarian projects across Europe and Asia, all of which in their own capacity serve refugees fleeing todays warzones, genocide and famine. A project of this nature has never before been integrated with a blockchain asset, that gives investors a powerful financial opportunity to capitalize on, least not from the comfort of their own homes. A comfort denied to many, and that the founder of the Cicero project "Eddie Harrison" regularly sacrifices, due to his commitment to overseeing the real world impact of this project in person. Throughout this ICO, the token sale price will never exceed 30 cents per token. From June 15th we will destroy all the tokens that are not in circulation (maximum of 25 million tokens only) and begin to buy tokens back from the market at the price YOU demand of us and we will destroy the tokens we buy back! Once the token sale ends on June 15th 2018 and this next phase of the financial opportunity begins, you will gain significant power over deciding the value for which you sell these tokens, whether you sell them back to us, or to other traders on the available exchanges! Cicero (CCR) was created on the Ethereum blockchain, and gives you all of the benefits of any other erc20 compatible token. It is our sincere hope that you enjoy the benefits of this incredibly powerful opportunity, built on a desire to serve both keen internet entrepreneurs in building their financial futures, and in serving a greater real world impact, by helping innocent families fleeing the worst behaviour and circumstances that befall our species at this time, in whatever capacity we have the ability to serve them. NOT FOR OURSELVES ALONE ARE WE BORN!!!

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How much for one CCR Token?

During Token Pre-Sale, it’s $0.01 per CCR. During the main token sale, it’s $0.02 USD with an increase in price of $0.01 every 4 weeks until $0.05 USD. After the token sale, and when we begin the buy back/destroy phase, the price is what the market participants decide on the exchanges.

Where is the Cicero mining farm located?

The Cicero mining farm is located in Croatia. We will also have an online 24/7 broadcast from inside the mining farm soon after the project is up and running.

As an CCR holder, how do I receive my profits?

Your CCR tokens will be credited to your chosen erc20 wallet, from where you will be able to send your tokens to one of the available exchanges to trade for other tokens and Cryptocurrencies.

Is my personal information protected with your website?

Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone. Read our Privacy Policy & Terms of Use for details.


Eddie Harrison

Cicero founder and Coordinator of humanitarian contributions

With the much appreciated and professional technical support of the Polaris team

Darren Bradburry


Nabil Amrani


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